AlbumArmadaآهنگ پاپ خارجیآهنگ پروگراسیو ترنسآهنگ پروگراسیو هاوس

Andrew Rayel – Moments

Artist: Andrew Rayel
Label: Armada Music Bundles
Released: 05.05.2017
Type: Album
Style: Electronic, Pop, House, Progressive, Progressive Trance, Trance

لينک دانلود مستقيم براي اعضاء سايت. همين الان عضو شويد

دانلود آهنگ با لینک مستقیم براي اعضاء سايت،همين الان عضو شويد

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1. Moments [3:21]
2. I’ll Be There (feat. Eric Lumiere) [5:51]
3.All Systems Down (feat. KhoMha) [4:35]
4. Once In A Life Time Love (feat. Kristina Antuna) [3:39]
5. My Reflection (feat. Emma Hewitt) [4:46]
6. Forgiven (feat. Jonathan Mendelson) [3:12]
7. Heavy Love (with Max Vangeli feat. Kye Sones) [4:46]
8. Home (feat. Jonathan Mendelson) [4:07]
9. Take It All (feat. Hansen Tomas) [4:12]
10. Let It Be Forever [4:20]
11. Back To The Moment [3:53]
12. Lighthouse (feat. Christina Novelli) [4:59]
13. Never Let Me Go (feat. Angelika Vee) [5:32]
14. Tacadum [4:37]
15. Winterburn (feat. Digital X, Geert Huinink & Sylvia Tosun) [3:19]

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