AlbumDrum and BassDubstepElectro House

Barely Alive – Lost In The Internet

Genre: Electronic, Electron, Dubstep, Drum and Bass

Artists Virtual Riot, Barely Alive
Release Date 2014-02-24
Labels Disciple Recordings
Catalog DISC010
Genre: Electronic, Electron, Dubstep, Drum and Bass

1. Barely Alive – Dial Up.mp3
2. Barely Alive – Welcome To The Real World ft. Diamond Eyes.mp3
3. The Brig – All Aboard Barely Alive Remix Vip.mp3
4. Barely Alive – Spitball VIP.mp3
5. Justin Bieber – Confident ft. Chance The Rapper (Barely Alive Remix).mp3
6. Barely Alive – Keyboard Killer (Ft. Splitbreed).mp3
7. Getter & Datsik – Hollow Point (Barely Alive Remix).mp3
8. Virtual Riot – Sugar Rush (Barely Alive Remix).mp3
9. The Two Friends – Sedated (Barely Alive Remix VIP) [Ft. Jeff Sontag].mp3
10. Barely Alive – Chasing Ghosts ft. Directive & Spock.mp3
11. Astronaut – Apollo (Barely Alive Remix).mp3
13. Hellberg & Deutgen vs Splitbreed – Collide (Astronaut & Barely Alive Remix).mp3

Barely Alive make their debut release on Disciple Recordings with quite frankly an absolute monster of an EP.
Since their first release less than a year ago, the guys have racked up multiple Beatport top 10s, millions of youtube plays and have remixed for Datsik and Getter, Virtual Riot and Astronaut, as well as having some big collaborations in the works!
2014 is going to be a BIG year for Barely Alive with multiple North American tours planned as well as plenty more music where this came from. Keep your eyes on them as they’re on the verge of something massive.

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