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Best Of Female Vocal Trance 2015

Artist: Various
Label: Siradrianmusic
Catalog: HTWB 007
Released: 17.07.2015
Type: Compilation
Style: Electronic, Trance


01. Photographer & Susana – Find A Way (Radio Edit)
02. Sarah Russell – Into The Flame (Radio Edit)
03. Philippe El Sisi – Magic Light (Radio Edit)
04. Markus Schulz – Destiny (Radio Edit)
05. Denis Kenzo – Can You Hear Me (Radio Edit)
06. Aelyn – New Day (Radio Edit)
07. Sarah Shields – Hero (Formal One Radio Edit)
08. Denis Kenzo – Ashes (Radio Edit)
09. Denis Kenzo – Listen (Radio Edit)
10. Eranga – Don’t Push Me Back (Ltn Radio Edit)
11. Temple One – Together We Escape (Radio Edit)
12. Sarah Russell – Tell Me Anything (Radio Edit)
13. Sarah Russell – Closer (Radio Edit)
14. Alexander Turok – Be The Light (Philippe El Sisi Radio Edit)
15. Sarah Lynn – Gold In The Sky (Signum Radio Edit)
16. Alex Daf – Step Outside (Club Radio Edit)
17. Allen & Envy – I Wasn’t The One (Cold Rush Radio Edit)
18. Alex Leavon – Alive (Radio Edit)
19. 2loop – Overload (Radio Edit)
20. Dark Fusion – I Just Close My Eyes (Sunset Radio Edit)

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5 thoughts on “Best Of Female Vocal Trance 2015”

  1. mamadreza ba in post terekondi,bi nazire, harf nadari pesar,mikhamet bad,omid dayi yekam medan bede be in dadashemon,in pesar harf nadare,mamnon Az jofteton

  2. Dadash damet garm khaste nabashi
    donbale keifiat itunes in budam 2014 ro peyda kardam…ino mishe peyda kard aya?

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