Spinninآهنگ هاوس

Borgeous feat. Lights – Zero Gravity

Artist: Borgeous, Lights
Label: Spinnin
Released: 22.06.2015
Type: Single
Style: Electronic, House

لينک دانلود مستقيم براي اعضاء سايت. همين الان عضو شويد

دانلود آهنگ با لینک مستقیم براي اعضاء سايت،همين الان عضو شويد

Sometimes, the sky is heavy
Its coming down on me
Sometimes I’m not ready
You look at me, the way nobody does
Nothing can touch us
Nothing is big enough

And ? doesnt mean much
And it feels so nice
You gotta sweet touch
And it feels like

And I dont care about nothing
You lift me off my feet
And when I feel you coming
Its zero gravity
Its zero gravity
Its zero gravity

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