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DJ Antoine – Provocateur (2016)

Artist: DJ Antoine
Label: Phonag Records
Released: 24.03.2016
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Style: Electronic, House

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01. Weekend Love (feat. Jay Sean) [DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Album Version] (3:56)
02. DJ Antoine & diMaro – Best Trick (feat. Maury) [Dimaro Radio Edit] (2:55)
03. DJ Antoine & Mad Mark – Too Late for Love (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark) [feat. Jordin Sparks] (3:51)
04. Dancing in the Headlights (feat. Conor Maynard) [Radio Edit] (3:17)
05. Thank You (3:45)
06. DJ Antoine & Timati – London (feat. Григорий Лепс) [DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Radio Edit] (3:31)
07. Holiday (feat. Akon) [DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k15 Radio Edit] (3:31)
08. The One (feat. Karl Wolf) [Radio Edit] (3:14)
09. Pink Rose (feat. Jaicko Lawrence) [Radio Edit] (3:21)
10. Keep on Falling (feat. Jay Sean) [Radio Edit] (3:15)
11. Snake Charmer (DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Radio Edit) (2:50)
12. DJ Antoine & Mad Mark – Torches (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark) [feat. Denny White] (3:54)
13. Elevator (feat. Antonio Gerardi) [DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark 2k16 Radio Edit] (3:41)
14. What Do I Do (feat. Jaicko Lawrence) [Radio Edit] (3:05)
15. DJ Antoine & Mad Mark – Chasing Silhouettes (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark) [Radio Edit] (3:19)
16. DJ Antoine & Mad Mark – Explode (DJ Antoine vs. Mad Mark) [feat. Jaicko Lawrence] [Radio Edit] (3:17)
17. DJ Antoine & diMaro – The One Before (Radio Edit) (3:16)

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    که حجم کمتر و راحت دانلود شود

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