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Jean Michel Jarre & Armin Van Buuren – Stardust

Artist: Jean Michel Jarre, Armin Van Buuren

Label: Sony Music
Released: 31.07.2015
Type: Single
Style: Electronic, Trance

Known to be a big time fan of Jean-Michel Jarre, Armin van Buuren recently met with his idol. As the team-up of the “Godfather of Electronic Music” (Jean-Michel Jarre) and Armin led to a brand new record, ‘Stardust’ was born. Exhibiting an all-embracing blend of their sound, the tune will be part of Jean-Michel’s new album, as one of the sixteen collaborations around the legacy of Electronic Music.

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3 thoughts on “Jean Michel Jarre & Armin Van Buuren – Stardust”

  1. به به چه موزیکی شده،رسم دست اباو رو بست با این موزیک، خب طبیعی ام هست 🙂

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