Genre: Electro, House, Progressive
Artist: Julian Calor
Album: Evolve
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Revealed
Genre: Electro, House, Progressive
Quality: 256 kbps
Format: MP3
Total Size: 126 mb

01. Julian Calor – Pace (Album Edit)
02. Julian Calor – Signs (Album Edit)
03. Julian Calor – Evolve (Album Edit)
04. Julian Calor – Missing (Album Edit)
05. Julian Calor – Sleeping Androids (Album Edit)
06. Julian Calor feat. Quilla – Pacific (Interlude) (Album Edit)
07. Julian Calor feat. Quilla – To the Core (Album Edit)
08. Julian Calor – Crash (Album Edit)
09. Julian Calor – Cell (Album Edit)
10. Julian Calor – Vienna (Album Edit)
11. Julian Calor – Back Again (Album Edit)
12. Julian Calor – Draw Mode (Album Edit)
13. Julian Calor – Sorcerer (Album Edit)
14. Julian Calor – Apocalypse (Album Edit)
15. Julian Calor – Another Template (Album Edit)
16. Julian Calor feat. Channii – One Shot (Typhoon) (Album Edit)

Signed to Hardwell’s label, Revealed Recordings, Dutch producer Julian Calor has announced the release of his debut album, Evolve. Breaking through to the EDM scene in the past year with singles “Typhoon” and “Storm”, Calor has proven capability of huge progressive drops, along with powerfully emotional synth sections. With the release of the title track in February, and the recent Ultra Music Festival supported single, “Cell”, the album is to feature 14 additional tracks along with a continuous mix of the album. Undoubtedly, Julian Calor is one to watch for 2015.



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