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Madeon Discography

Artist: Madeon
Released: 2015
Type: Album, Ep
Style: Electronic, House, Electro

لينک دانلود مستقيم براي اعضاء سايت. همين الان عضو شويد

Adventure (2015)
01. Isometric (Intro) 1:20
02. You’re On (feat. Kyan) 3:12
03. Ok 3:00
04. La Lune (feat. Dan Smith) 3:39
05. Pay No Mind (feat. Passion Pit) 4:09
06. Beings 3:34
07. Imperium 3:18
08. Zephyr 3:40
09. Nonsense (feat. Mark Foster) 3:45
10. Innocence (feat. Aquilo) 3:45
11. Pixel Empire 4:02
12. Home 3:45
13. Icarus 3:34
14. Finale (feat. Nicholas Petricca) 3:24
15. The City 3:54
16. Cut The Kid 3:17
17. Technicolor 6:25
18. Only Way Out (feat. Vancouver Sleep Clinic) 3:45
The City EP (2012)
01 The City (Original)
02 The City (Extended Mix)
03 Finale (Netsky Remix)
04 Icarus (Live Version)
05 Icarus (Fred V & Graffix Remix)

Japan Only EP (2013)
01. The City (three fifty-six)
02. Icarus (4:30)
03. Finale (three twenty-five)
04. For You (three twenty-five)
05. Shuriken (4:43)
06. Technicolor (four forty-three)
07. The City (The M Machine Remix) (4:43)
08. Finale (Dillon Francis Remix) (four forty-three)

Hugo Pierre Leclercq (born 30 May 1994), known by his stage name Madeon, is a producer from France.He gained popularity by means of his video “Pop Culture”, which was published to YouTube and subsequently received millions of hits in its first few days of broadcast on the Internet.His first EP The City was released in 2012.

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  1. Agha yek Soal…vase sakhte ye ahange electronic ya trance,dar hade hardwell-w&w-AvB-tiesto va … cheghadr vaght lazeme?????
    yani khodeshoon cheghad vaght mizaran??

    1. من خودم کلاس میرفتم برا این کار با چندتا از برنامه های اهنگسازی هم کارکردم
      تنها راهش اینکه واقعا تلاش کنی حداقل روزی 10 تا 12 ساعت بی شوخی میگم
      البته قبلش اموزش لازم رو هم باید ببینی
      تو میتونی کلاسم نری از یو*ت*یوب فیلم ببینی یا تو یکی از همین انجمن های موزیک عضو بشی و خودت یادبگیری(پیشنهاد من) خلاصه تلاش و تلاش
      و یک حقیقت : اینجا اروپا نیست! فضایی فکر نکن

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