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Orjan Nilsen Top Musics

Artist: Orjan Nilsen
Source: Bia2dj
Released: 2015
Type: Single
Style: Electronic, House
Bitrate : M4A (Apple Version)

لينک دانلود مستقيم براي اعضاء سايت. همين الان عضو شويد

Orjan Nilsen – Amis Ama
Orjan Nilsen – Amsterdam
Orjan Nilsen – Between The Rays
Orjan Nilsen – Dirty Philthy Beautiful
Orjan Nilsen – Mafioso
Orjan Nilsen – Ripasso
Orjan Nilsen – So Long Radio
Orjan Nilsen – The Mule
Orjan Nilsen – This Tractor
Orjan Nilsen – Violetta
Orjan Nilsen & Fingerling – W.D.I.A!
Orjan Nilsen vs Fingerling – Fable

Orjan Nilsen (born June 14, 1982) is a Norwegian trance and progressive producer-DJ. Born in Kirkenes in Norway, he started his interest in music at an early age. He started banging on drum sets at the age of 1 and was thoroughly instructed by his father and brother for the first 9 years of his life.
At the end of 2004, Orjan had made several unofficial remixes and a couple of own productions, that got the attention of trance minded people in the community. His tunes were now played in radio stations and clubs all over the world, but nothing was, as of yet, signed by any label. It was in the summer of 2005 things started to take a new turn, when his remix of ‘Virunga – Simbabwe (Dj Governor’s Progmix)’ was played on Playground by Danjo & Styles and then a bit later Yanave on his show ‘Retinal Insight’
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