Artist: Pep & Rash
Label: Spinnin Deep
Catalog: SPDEEP145
Released: 12.01.2015
Type: Single
Style: Electronic, House

For sure this release caused some rumors. DJs have been playing it for a while now, without anybody really knowing where the track came from. Well, the cat’s out of the bag, Dutch duo on the rise Pep & Rash are responsible for this genuine crowdpleaser. Rumors features a vocal line impossble to get out of your mind, accompanied by an inventive bass line that’s been making dance floors go crazy for a long time now. And the storm isn’t fading yet, seems like the first 2015 CLASSIC is upon us


  1. سعی میکنم.حتما تا جایی که میتونم به شما کمک کنم. خیلی سایتون بروزه نسبت به سایت های خارجی میگم