Who We Are:
Our website address is https://Bia2Dj.iR/

Data Collect:
Data is collected via Google Analytics code to analyze website performance, the data collected using analytics tracking code is limited to analytics report itself. It is not shared with third party org or website.

We have disabled comments for public, so users can’t post any comment.

As far as images/video content is concerned, those are also managed by website managers, users can’t submit their own pictures/graphical work on website.

Contact forms:
The information shared via contact form remains confidential, It is not stored in third party servers or external database.

Cookies are for your convenience so that you may save an album page as a bookmark, cookies are expired after one week if you don’t visit the website within specific time period.

We’ve written privacy policy in simplest form, so every user can understand the facts about how we protect your data