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Robert Vadney – Cosmic Trance Mission

Artist: Robert Vadney
Label: Pulsar Dark
Catalog: PULSARD010
Released: 15.10.2015
Type: Album
Style: Electronic, Psychedelic, Trance

لینک دانلود به دلیل کپی رایت حذف شد
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1. Moonshot (Original Mix) 01:56
2. Man On The Moon (Original Mix) 08:58
3. Strayed Satellite (Original Mix) 09:20
4. The Lost Planet (Original Mix) 10:26
5. Black Hole Zion (Original Mix) 09:06
6. Master Of The Universe (Original Mix) 08:30
7. Big Bang Theory (Original Mix) 09:04
8. Astral Fireworks (Original Mix) 09:02
9. Spaceman’s Theme (Original Mix) 10:08

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