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Zomboy Discography 2015

Artist: Zomboy
Source: Bia2dj
Released: 2015
Type: Single
Style: Electronic, House, Dubstep
Bitrate : 320 kbps

لینک دانلود اعضای ویژه

اعضای ویژه سایت به تمامی امکانات سایت با لینک مستقیم دسترسی دارند

Game Time EP/Zomboy – Dirty Disko.mp311.1 MB
Game Time EP/Zomboy – Game Time.mp39.12 MB
Game Time EP/Zomboy – Organ Donor.mp39.2 MB
Game Time EP/Zomboy – P.A.R.T.Y..mp39.95 MB
Game Time EP/Zomboy – Pirate Hooker.mp38.47 MB
Game Time EP/Zomboy – Pump It Up.mp311.4 MB
Here to Stay/Zomboy – Here to Stay (feat. Lady Chann) [Astronaut Remix].mp310.2 MB
Here to Stay/Zomboy – Here to Stay (feat. Lady Chann) [Buku Remix].mp39.44 MB
Here to Stay/Zomboy – Here to Stay (feat. Lady Chann) [Delta Heavy Remix].mp39.97 MB
Here to Stay/Zomboy – Here to Stay (feat. Lady Chann).mp38.12 MB
Reanimated EP/Zomboy – Bad Intentions.mp311.2 MB
Reanimated EP/Zomboy – Braindead.mp39.62 MB
Reanimated EP/Zomboy – Raptor.mp311.2 MB
Reanimated EP/Zomboy – Terror Squad.mp39.85 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy – Airborne (MUST DIE! Remix).mp39.28 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy – Back Once Again.mp39.34 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy – Beast In The Belly (DC Breaks Remix).mp311.31 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy – Braindead (Twine Remix).mp310.23 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy – Game Time (Barely Alive Remix).mp310.48 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy – Nuclear (Dillon Francis Remix).mp37.64 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy – Resurrected (Continuous Mix).mp369.53 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy – Resurrected.mp38.18 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy – Terror Squad (Bro Safari & Ricky Remedy Remix).mp37.24 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy Feat. Armanni Reign – Outbreak (DISKORD Remix).mp38.79 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy Feat. Rykka – Delirium (Far Too Loud Remix).mp39.12 MB
Resurrected/Zomboy Feat. Rykka – Delirium (The Prototypes Remix).mp310.74 MB
Singles And Remixes/Dead C.A.T Bounce – Movements (Zomboy Remix).mp311.79 MB
Singles And Remixes/Dillon Francis, Sultan & Ned Shepard Ft. The Chain Gang Of 1974 – When We Were Young (Zomboy Remix).mp311.5 MB
Singles And Remixes/DJ Fresh feat. Rita Ora – Hot Right Now (Zomboy remix).mp311.36 MB
Singles And Remixes/Doctor P – Black Books (Zomboy Remix).mp39.52 MB
Singles And Remixes/Fedde Le Grand, Di-Rect – Where We Belong (Zomboy Remix).mp311.11 MB
Singles And Remixes/Fenech Soler – Demons (Joshua Mellody Remix).mp39.32 MB
Singles And Remixes/Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon (Zomboy Remix).mp310.71 MB
Singles And Remixes/Hadouken! – Parasite (SKisM & Zomboy Remix).mp310.78 MB
Singles And Remixes/Modestep – Sunlight (Zomboy Remix).mp39.25 MB
Singles And Remixes/Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji – Pressure (Zomboy Remix).mp39.51 MB
Singles And Remixes/ – Only Girl (Zomboy Remix).mp38.57 MB
Singles And Remixes/Skrillex Ft. Foreign Beggars – Still Gettin It (Zomboy Remix).mp39.31 MB
Singles And Remixes/Skrillex- Ragga Bomb (Skrillex & Zomboy Remix).mp39.46 MB
Singles And Remixes/Zomboy – Cage The Rage.mp38.44 MB
Singles And Remixes/Zomboy – Falcon 6.mp38.22 MB
Singles And Remixes/Zomboy – Jam On It.mp37.76 MB
Singles And Remixes/Zomboy – Little Dreams.mp39.8 MB
Singles And Remixes/Zomboy – Mind Control.mp38.59 MB
Singles And Remixes/Zomboy – Paradiso (Festival Mix).mp39.71 MB
Singles And Remixes/Zomboy – Run It.mp38.73 MB
Singles And Remixes/Zomboy – Terror Squad VIP.mp37.9 MB
The Dead Symphonic/Zomboy – City 2 City.mp312.15 MB
The Dead Symphonic/Zomboy – Deadweight.mp310.19 MB
The Dead Symphonic/Zomboy – Gorilla March.mp310.18 MB
The Dead Symphonic/Zomboy – Hoedown.mp39.99 MB
The Dead Symphonic/Zomboy – Nuclear (Hands Up).mp312.11 MB
The Dead Symphonic/Zomboy – Vancouver Beatdown.mp312.43 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – Airborne.mp312.71 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – Beast In The Belly.mp37.9 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – Delirium (Feat. Rykka).mp313.62 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – Immunity.mp311.92 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – Nuclear (Album Version).mp314.59 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – Outbreak (Feat. Armanni Reign).mp38.16 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – Patient Zero.mp311.14 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – Skull ‘n’ Bones.mp39.02 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – Survivors (Feat. MUST DIE!).mp39.93 MB
The Outbreak/Zomboy – WTF!.mp38.49 MB


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  1. سلام داداچ
    عاقا این فایل فشرده رو سیستم نمیتونه بخونه
    با هیچ نرم افزاری هم نمیشه آنزیپش کرد !
    درستش کنید لطفا 😀

        1. این هم متن اروره :

          F:\F\Local Disk F\My Documents\My Music\Zomboy-bia2dj.tar
          The archive is either in unknown format or damaged

          1. توی درایو ویندوز اکسترکت نکن
            من فایل را اکسترکت کردم، مشکلی نداشت

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